Pancreatitis and Psoriasis How Grapefruit Juice helped me


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates

I hate grapefruit juice. I always have. But I drink it almost everyday now. The reason I force it down my gullet  is that it helps reduce the pain and severity of my pancreatitis attacks. When I feel my pancreas acting up which is almost daily now I start drinking grapefruit juice. There have been studies done on Grapefruit Juice extract that have shown it effective in reducing damage done during pancreatitis attack. There are also studies that show that Naringenin the main flavonoid in Grapefruit is also very anti-inflammatory.

When I drink Grapefruit Juice I immediately feel the result. I feel a “cooling” effect on the inflammation which I experience as swelling, pain and feeling sick, that is associated with the pancreatitis. The compounds in grapefruit juice are also thought to help stop the inflammatory cascade and lower cytokine production. This all leads to less inflammation and inflammation has been linked to heart disease, cancer, and for me psoriasis.

On top of having a pancreas that despises fat I’ve also had psoriasis for almost thirty years. I’ve not had a remission in my psoriasis since I first got it. It’s been a nightmare having it. I’ve tried creams and Enbrel. I had success with both but both require consistent life long applications with unknown long term side effects. I stopped using steroid creams because its impossible to put it on 75% of your body everyday and I stopped using Enbrel after I got pneumonia last year. I remember vowing to myself I would cure my psoriasis naturally about five years ago. I think I’m closer now than I’ve ever been.  I at first tried tons of different supplements but they didn’t work. The changes I’ve made recently are I’ve dropped 30 pounds, eaten a mostly primal diet, drink alkaline water and drink grapefruit juice everyday, and have seen spectacular results.

Another one of the benefits of consuming grapefruit juice is that Naringenin, the main flavonoid in the fruit, it has  been shown to help not only with easing inflammation but it also aides weight loss. I actually am trying to put on a few pounds now but in the past year I’ve dropped  thirty pounds of mostly fat over. I lost it mostly due to changing over to a mainly paleo diet.  I went hardcore at the beginning of February and lost the last ten pounds that have been plaguing me for ever. But the grapefruit juice does help keep the fat off. And keeping the fat off helps lower systemic inflammation in my  body.

Fat cells are linked to psoriasis and inflammation because they produce the hormone Leptin along with other factors. Leptin is a key hormone in the body that regulates everything from hunger to how much fat we store.  There have been studies done that show psoriasis patients have an increased level of leptin in the blood stream and many psoriasis patients are obese or overweight. I’ve gone from 172 pounds down to around 140. Almost 32 pounds of weight loss over the course of a year. Eating a standard american diet leads to leptin sensitivity which promotes inflammation and causes the body to store more fat. A study out of Taiwain speculated that in the future weight loss recommendations will be added to all psoriasis treatment protocols.

I prefer to drink organic red grapefruit juice because it also contains lycopene – white grapefruit juice doesn’t. I’ve also started adding a small pinch of himalayan sea salt to  each glass. This makes it taste better and provides additional minerals. Along with the grapefruit juice I’ve recently begun drinking Icelandic Glacial water due to its high ph of 8.5. I don’t know if it has helped with the psoriasis. Autoimmune issues and the inflammatory response are so complicated that its hard to say what is having an effect or if whether its the combination of the changes that are the key. My goal is to continue adding small steps to reduce my inflammation.

I have a lot of inflammation going on. When I was twelve I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. When I was 15 I got psoriasis extremely bad. I believe that my pancreatitis has an autoimmune cause as well. Anything that helps cool inflammation is vital to my living healthier and enjoying more of my life. Grapefruit juice is now a permanent part of my anti-inflammatory campaign.

Before trying grapefruit juice or grapefruit extract it is recommended that you talk to your physician because it can interfere with many medications.

Please leave a comment if you’ve tried grapefruit juice for pancreatitis or if you’ve lost weight and seen a decrease in the severity of your psoriasis. Also I would like to know what you think about Alkaline water.

Wishing you a healthier today and a better tomorrow
Brad Miller